Mar 14, 2018

As a former member of the Richmond County Board of Education as well as the son of a teacher, Tom McInnis has been a strong advocate for relevant education for many, many years. He's fought for higher pay for teachers and school personnel, and will continue this fight. Specificially, he would like to:
  • Expand the Vocational/Technical Educational opportunities through the high school/community college dual enrollment program for eligible 9th -12th graders. This will allow students who do not want to attend a 4-Year College or University to earn a meaningful certification, registration, or apprenticeship in order to enter the workforce with skills that will provide them with a living wage. Many times that living wage is more than those who come into the workforce with a Bachelor's Degree.
  • Expand the Teach for NC Grant, which he personally crafted and was a primary sponsor, to all 100 counties.  This grant would allow Teacher Assistants who already have an Associate Degree to apply for a grant that would provide funds for them to complete their last 2 years of college in an approved Teacher Education Program.  The TA would be able to continue working in his or her current job and would not lose income during student teaching. Once the program is completed and the TA earns certification, he or she must remain in North Carolina for a designated period of time.  What better way to address the teacher shortage problem than to provide a path to certification for those who already have classroom experience.
  • Continue looking for ways to support smaller class sizes, less standardized testing, opportunities for increased teacher pay, and NO COMMON CORE!