Mar 14, 2018
Jobs and the Economy

A small businessman who built a nationally recoginized business from the ground up and has created jobs in our community for years, Tom McInnis has a first hand knowledge of the challenges facing job creators and entrepreneurs. He believes that the 25th District of North Carolina has been short-changed in economic development, while the bigger and more urban areas of Charlotte and Raleigh have thrived. Tom will do what it takes to bring local jobs back to our community. He'll balance the budget, cut taxes on small businesses and working families to put more money in paychecks, and eliminate regulations that harm innovation and job creation.

During his tenure at the General Assembly, he has proven this commitment to the 25th District and North Carolina economy by crafting and sponsoring legislation that has helped restaurants, homebuilders, land developers, farmers, and businesses of all kinds.  He is passionate about continuing this fight!