Mar 14, 2018
Second Amendment Rights

Our Second Amendment rights are important to me. Our forefathers shed blood to ensure our freedoms, one being our right to bear arms.  I am a participant in the shooting sports, a hunter, and I love my country!  As such, I am a life member of the NRA and a consultantant to the development of the  "Friends of the NRA"  supporting the shooting sports as well as gun safety awareness throughout the country.

So, let me make this very clear. No one is more concerned about the safety of our citizens than I am. I have grandchildren attending Richmond and Moore County schools, family and friends walking the streets of our cities and towns, and employees in the workplace. They are all very important to me as are all the citizens of our country.  These are perilous times! 

Nevertheless, limiting gun ownership is not the answer. I am greatly disturbed to see that the strong gun laws already in place in our country are not being enforced. The problem is not the guns, it is the people. The General Assembly recently appointed a taskforce to work on ways to improve safety in our schools, but until such time that a new plan is in place, we MUST enforce the current laws to protect our citizens. Had those laws been enforced, the recent tragedies in Florida and Texas would not have happened!